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We start with your 3 year Painted Picture. We work together to cast the vision on your career, then breaking it down into a 1 year strategic roadmap followed by a 3 month execution plan. Each quarter, we reevaluate and create tasks associated with the next 90 days.

What brands match your passion and do they fit in your 3 year plan. Work through negotiations with selected brands and create an outbound strategy. We review all inbound correspondence and partner with you to determine next steps. We review all contracts past and present. Weekly or semi monthly opportunity reviews will be scheduled in order to discuss all potential opportunities and assist in making decisions in adherence to your 3 year picture.

Discussion on exclusive website ideas or other revenue generating platforms in adherence to short/medium/long term goals. We will put a plan in place to begin discussions on spin off ventures that may be warranted. Ideas could be beverages, scents, consumer goods, sunglasses, clothing brands and so forth. Assisting in incorporating if needed, and bringing to the table the right professionals required to assist.

Discussing and pursuing opportunities on screen through our relationships with casting directors, production companies and major networks / streaming platforms.

We utilize automated dashboards that run from an internal CRM system. The use of our technology will assist in keeping track of all communication from media, brands and so forth. We take care of scheduling all social media deliverables and media/podcast interviews – populating your calendar for what is required of you. You will be in regular contact with your account manager to review your calendar to ensure that all deliverables are being met on time.

Creation of your story and an outbound strategy in place to connect with media that fits the narrative. Selection of media interviews and opportunities, meet and greets, and tours if applicable. Vetting inbound requests and schedule opportunities for you.

Advanced analytics on platforms using both free and paid tools, viewing followers, engagement and making recommendations to increase both. Bridging followers from one platform to the other, increasing followers by discussing use of possible paid tools (DM campaign etc.) and creating collaboration suggestions to bring followers of similar and different demographics based on assessment of what demo is required to increase marketability.

Creation of a finance assessment, Audit of revenue in, discussion of current tax position, income tax paid vs. due, review of filings and review of current accounting resources in play and recommendation on modifications if needed.​

Ensuring all aspects are shored up and bringing in proper legal resources as is required. Review of all existing contracts and recommendations on modifications moving forward.

"I find that Ingenuity Live provides me structure by setting goals and guiding me through vision planning. It helps to give me a sense of direction with purpose. A year ago I knew where I wanted to go but didn’t know exactly how to get there. Ingenuity Live helps with creating that path forward."
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